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Our Story

Owner, Toby Simons, is a fully qualified Sports Therapist with 10 years experience in the field. He has worked with a plethora of conditions from young and old patients, having also previously worked at a Chiropractic Clinic and Southend United Football Club.


Toby built The Mobile Injury Clinic in 2015, with its sole purpose being focused on improving patient health, by travelling to deliver expert treatment to those who may not have the time, effort or even the capability to travel to receive treatment and therapy. It was evident to Toby that people were exposing themselves to more harm by travelling to see clinicians, as it was their only option for treatment. Surely it would be more beneficial if we were to travel to those individuals instead?


Located in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, The Mobile Injury Clinic is considered to be the only physical therapy treatment clinic in Essex that solely dedicates its practice to delivering treatment & therapy to patients within the comfort of their own home. In todays fast-paced world, ensuring sound physical and mental health is becoming increasingly essential and The Mobile Injury Clinic aims to achieve this with it's patients.


We aim to not only alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms you are experiencing, but to give you access to leading a healthier and happier life.

Toby Simons - The Mobile Injury Clinic
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