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Shoulder Massage

What To Expect

Here is what you can expect on the day of your appointment, along with some science as to why home treatment is so much more beneficial to your recovery!

Traveling To You

Our primary purpose is to deliver our services to you, taking away the effort and expenses of all that's included in being treated at a clinic - preparing, travelling, parking, waiting and most importantly the time you spend doing all of this! We want you to feel as comfortable as possible within your own home and all it takes is a moment, then you can enjoy the rest of your day and evening feeling rejuvenated!

The Treatment

We bring all the necessary equipment and we use a variety of treatment techniques at The Mobile Injury Clinic that have been modified to a high level, and are precise in achieving the aims of the physical treatment. We also understand that the mental aspect plays a huge role in the rehabilitation. Our experts account for this, and we are fully aware that health does not just mean the physicality.

Thorough Assessment

The Mobile Injury Clinic employs a holistic approach to evaluate your overall health. Our team of qualified experts examines not only the key facets of your physical such as strength, mobility and coordination, we will discover the exact root of your concern. Once a thorough assessment is completed, our expert will be able to form an accurate diagnosis.

Home Exercise Plan & Advice

Our experts have a depth of knowledge and experience allowing them to understand the mechanics and functioning of the human body. Therefore the exercises we prescribe will be tailored specifically to that individual. This means that we will find the best exercise(s) for you to enable optimal recovery. During our assessment our experts will gather information on your lifestyle, allowing them to prescribe advice that is specific to you.

Accurate Diagnosis

Our experts have a depth of knowledge and experience allowing them to understand the mechanics and functioning of the human body. We use cutting edge techniques to get to the root of your concern allowing us to accurately diagnose your problem. Assessment and diagnosis is essential, as it enables our professionals to form a specific rehabilitation plan that is tailored to you.

The Science of Home Treatment

Science has unequivocally proven that treatment at home produces better results, compared to patients that travel to a clinic. It has been concluded that this is because patients are more comfortable, less stressed and anxious compared to when they are travelling to treatment clinics. We understand that the mental aspect of recovery is just as crucial as the physical, and we account for this.

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