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What We Treat

At our physical therapy clinic, we specialize in treating a wide range of chronic and acute neuro-muscular conditions. Our experienced team of therapists are dedicated to providing personalised treatment plans that focus on relieving pain, restoring function, and improving quality of life.

Chronic Pain

The Mobile Injury Clinic has seen a plethora of chronic conditions, which are conditions that have been ongoing for months or years in many cases. No condition is too complex at The Mobile Injury Clinic. A primary principle of our approach is that we want to get you back to feeling healthy, with various techniques such as home massage, without the need for any invasive procedures or drugs to alleviate symptoms and therefore we treat you organically.

Geriatric & Paediatric Conditions

Our physical therapy clinic excels in treating geriatric and paediatric conditions. We offer tailored therapies considering age-specific challenges. For seniors, we focus on promoting mobility, improving strength, and enhancing daily life functionality. For children, we handle conditions like cerebral palsy, developmental delays, or orthopaedic disabilities. Our nurturing environment enables us to conduct fun exercises improving coordination and strength. Our expert therapists are committed to improving the quality of life for both our youngest and oldest patients.

Acute Pain

Our physical therapy clinic is skilled in treating acute pain. Through customized and evidence-based treatment methods, we alleviate your pain swiftly and effectively. We use hands-on therapy, innovative pain management techniques, specialized exercises, and wellness education to promote healing. Our goal is to diminish your discomfort, enhance your mobility and functional independence, while providing you tools to prevent recurrent pain episodes.

Postural Pain

Our physical therapy clinic excels in managing postural pain. We use a holistic approach, including postural assessment, manual therapy, individualised exercise plans and ergonomics education for long-lasting relief. Our attention is not merely on symptomatic relief, but also on identifying and addressing the root cause. With our combination of strengthening and stretching exercises, we aim to improve alignment, enhance muscular mechanics, and educate on better ergonomics. Our vision is to foster improved posture, thereby increasing overall well-being.

Athlete Injuries

At our physical therapy clinic, we specialise in treating athlete injuries through personalized treatment plans. We utilise advanced techniques and equipment, including physiotherapy, exercise plans, ultrasound treatments, and more. Our experts aid recuperation from sport-related injuries, boost performance, and help prevent future injuries. Our team ensures quick and safe recovery, getting athletes back on track with their goals, prioritizing health and long-term success.

Neuromuscular Symptoms

We offer expert care for neuromuscular symptoms. We provide specialised personalised rehabilitation programs that employ a blend of therapies including muscle-strengthening exercises, balance training, mobility assistance, and manual therapy. Where appropriate, we employ technological advances such as neuromuscular electric stimulators. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive education to patients and families for managing symptoms effectively. Our goal is to enhance physical functionality and independence, improving life quality while mitigating neuromuscular challenges.

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